5 Wedding Planning Habits That Predict Marriage Success  

So much effort has gone into wedding preparation, arranging the perfect ceremony, and preparing your nuptials.  

Have you considered life, love, and marriage beyond the wedding?  

The genuine meaning of marriage begins at the wedding, and married life can surprise you.   

You dated, fell in love, engaged, and meticulously planned the “big day.”  

Like your lover, you will change over time. Life brings challenges, joys, tragedies, and events. 

1. You know how to adapt.

Your marriage will have wonderful moments and very difficult moments.

2. You know your relationship will have ups and downs. 

Personal life and connection are equally vital.

3. You pay attention to boundarie

Marriage intimacy is crucial and generally a reliable predictor of marital health.

4. You talk openly about intimacy

Marriages typically fail when one or both parties dread the other's reactions and stop expressing themselves.

5. You don't shut each other down