8 symptoms of a prior life—some common

Manifesting and horoscopes have entered my daily life like numerous zillennials.

However, when “past life” becomes a popular idea, my suspicious Capricorn intellect may struggle to accept it.

A “past life” or “alternative life” is the notion that one's soul or spirit has lived a life (or lifetimes) before this one. It's as old as time.

Fatima suggests that recurring, unidentified feelings may come from a prior existence.

Unexplained feeling

Have you had a strangely familiar or realistic dream? It may be rooted in former lives.Many of my clients remembered childhood spontaneous visions.

Spontaneous visions and recurring dream

Some folks seem out of time. This might be their mannerisms, books, or clothes.

An affinity with a time period or with a culture

Research linking birth markings to past incarnations was explained by Fatima. She stated Dr. Ian Stevenson, an American psychiatrist at the University of Virginia Medical School

Unusual birthmark

Instant connections are well-known, but there may be more to them.Two people meet and know how they feel about each other.

Unexplained feelings towards someone

If you have déjà vu when visiting a new place, you may have been there before. “Some people visit a city for the first time and seem to know it like the back of their hands,” explains Fatima.

Knowing an unvisited location

Xenoglossy may indicate past lives. Fatima explains, “This is a unique and paranormal phenomena where a person may speak, understand or even write in a language they have never been exposed to in their existence.


On croit de plus en plus que la capacité à assimiler rapidement une langue, ainsi que d'autres compétences telles que la maîtrise des instruments musicaux, sont héritage d'une existence antérieure.

A hidden talent