Calling All Reese’s Lovers: These New Canned Iced Coffees Are The Easter Treat You Deserve

Adults deserve well-stocked Easter baskets, too.   

you eagerly await Reese's Eggs every year, you're not alone—Reese's is, in fact, the best-selling candy franchise in the United States.   

There's something about the velvety chocolate and peanut butter combo that makes us want to join the youngsters on their egg search.   

(We've even developed our own Peanut Butter Eggs recipe if you want to try making this popular Easter sweet from scratch.)  

And if your peanut butter-chocolate obsession goes beyond candies and baking ingredients,

we have some exciting news from the oh-so-sweet realm of coffee creamer.   

International Delight has recently unveiled a new partnership with Reese's to accompany you on the go: Reese's Iced Coffee cans.  

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