Communication in Relationships According to the Zodiac: How the Signs Handle Arguments

People are forthright and courageous in disagreements. They don't like avoiding issues and prefer direct solutions. They can be irritable and furious during arguments. You must discuss things calmly with them.


People like stable relationships. They take their time to resolve issues and find solutions. However, they can be stubborn, so be patient. Assuring them of your devotion helps.


are terrific communicators. They can see both sides of a subject and like talking about feelings. Sometimes people overthink and get confused. Their communication must be clear and honest.


are sensitive and use emotions to resolve issues. They're empathic but may withdraw or defend. Make it safe for them to share their feelings.


are assertive and like to resolve issues. Directness and honesty are valued. However, they need validation and attention, so listen to them too.


practical and logical in disagreements. They adore solving problems and improving things, yet they can be critical. Being patient and understanding their perspective helps resolve problems.


are about relationship harmony and balance. They seek compromises to avoid conflict. They can be passive-aggressive. Being honest and transparent about concerns is vital to them.


are passionate and determined in dispute. They may be secretive, but they're faithful to their spouses. Trust and transparency are crucial.


are upbeat and lighthearted during disagreements. They may joke or avoid emotion. Being flexible and willing to compromise helps resolve disagreements with them.


realistic and goal-oriented in confrontations. They want practical solutions and progress. Their reservedness makes it hard to convey their emotions. Patience and understanding are crucial.


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