Happiness requires 10 skills

A cake wouldn't be baked without a recipe. You wouldn't visit a new place without a map. You shouldn't build happiness without a plan either. A good happiness plan gets you from where you are to your desired happy life.

1. Live a happy life by creating a plan for your happiness. 

Remember when your goal seemed impossible? It may have been your first bike ride, automobile ride, or date. After doing it, you realized you had it all along. Starting a happy life starts with believing in yourself and your ability to be happy. Then you'll realize you always had it. This is why personal development is essential to happiness.

2. Develop yourself to live a happy life. 

Everyone knows someone who finds the worst in everything. Maybe this is us. We can make even the worst situations better by thinking pleasant thoughts, making our lives happier. Because we can locate silver linings, every day is better. So positive thinking is vital to happiness.

3. Think positive to create a happy life.

Without self-confidence, it's easy to think we're broken and can't change to live a happy life. Self-confidence is a skill. Learning how to think, feel, and act like a person we love can boost our self-confidence and make life happier.

4. Boost your self-confidence to create a happy life. 

Are you fatigued, demotivated, and needing a break? Learn how to improve work-life balance to maximize your limited time. Thus, you enjoy life more overall.

5. Create work-life balance for a happy life. 

You can't avoid life's knocks. Happy lives depend on how easy it is to get up. Being emotionally resilient prevents hardships from overwhelming you. You heal faster from problems and live happier more days each month and year.

6. Build resilience for a happier life. 

In our high-tech environment, we live mostly on autopilot. The best things of life—positive experiences, interactions with others, and fun—are missed. Perhaps we already live a happy life but don't realize it. Mindfulness and self-awareness help you stop feeling numb and appreciate life more.

7. Be more mindful to create a happy life. 

Everyone wants their life to matter. Identifying our priorities might be difficult. Learning to recognize your life mission is a talent. By developing this skill, your life becomes more meaningful and gratifying, making happiness easier.

8. Find your life purpose for a happy life. 

We're often too focused on our own happiness to consider others. Because compassion, counterintuitively, makes life happier, this is a big error. Kindness creates long-lasting happiness. So you live happier days when you learn this skill.

9. Practice kindness to live a happier life. 

So frequently we think we must make a happy life ourselves. Long-term happiness comes from partnerships. In reality, healthy relationships are the key to pleasure and health. Therefore, improving your connections makes you happier for life.

10. Build healthy relationships for a happy life.

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