Serial Killers & Zodiac Signs: The Most Likely To Murder

An increasing number of individuals are focusing their attention on the terrifying, the eerie, and the astrological aspects of Halloween

 which is only a few weeks away. Due to the fact that we are experts in astrology, we decided to perform a study in order

 to determine the zodiac signs of serial killers (at least those for whom we have information).

Despite the fact that they have been the focus of unrelenting research for decades

 the components that constitute a serial killer continue to elude even the most sensitive and well-educated psychiatrists,

professors, and criminologists in the world. Is it nature or nurture, or is it a combination of all of these factors?

At all times, but especially during this season, there is a high level of interest in this peculiar breed of violent criminal

The fascination with genuine crime generates enormous audiences for podcasts, television series, and movies.

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