'Spiritually Gifted' Could Be Defined by These 10 Astrological Signs

This native can open a hidden realm in one of our most enigmatic and hidden regions of the chart. Mercury 12th house locals' empathy helps them connect with others.

1. Mercury in the 12th house

Mercury can feel tied to the past and present, making it seem like it's on forbidden ground. Like the 12th, the 8th house is mysterious. Mercury, the detective, explores taboo subjects.

2. Mercury in the 8th house

Mercury symbolizes an intuitive person who can perceive people' feelings before they are told. Mercury, as powerful as the 8th and 12th houses, receives direct linkages from ancestors and the past.

3. Mercury in the 4th house

Mercury in fall in this sign is enchanting because the native will see things through an imaginative lens, especially when they connect to their dreams.

4. Mercury in Pisces / Mercury at 12 or 24 degree

As ruled by the moon's degree, this placement can easily handle others' emotions. Magnanimous, kind, and understanding. They're also sensitive to others' feelings.

5. Mercury in Cancer / Mercury at 4, 16, or 28 degree

With Mercury regulated by Mars and Pluto's degree, the native can receive premonitions and direction from the unknown. Mercury loves astrology, psychology, and other controversial topics.

6. Mercury in Scorpio / Mercury at 8 or 20 degree

A location can make the native more linked to dreams and visions, compassionate, perceptive, and ahead of the curve. Like songstresses, they can captivate others with their melodies. 

7. Mercury conjunct Neptune

This powerful and emotional location can make people empathize. They sense everything. These natives can get lost in others' emotions, so setting boundaries is crucial.

8. Mercury conjunct the moon

Mercury with Pluto can be like Mercury in Scorpio or the 8th house, representing Scorpio energy. Natives are strategic, observant, and patient. Due to their observation, the native may appear to know a lot about others.

9. Mercury conjunct Pluto

Mercury heals and empowers, yet it can also feel others' hurts. Chiron, the wounded healer, will let Mercury guide others. Natives are wise, sympathetic, and can cure others emotionally.

10. Mercury conjunct Chiron

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