The 3 Little Secrets to An Organic Relationship

Because most of us feel that there is something missing from our lives when we are single, it is normal for relationships to be manufactured.

We search incessantly for what we perceive to be a missing component of ourselves.  

This investigation leads us to believe that fear is the basis for our conceptions of love.   

Our inability to value ourselves prevents relationships from developing naturally.  

In terms of building connections, we might take a cue from the nature of gardening.   

Planting a seed requires patience and tender handling to encourage flowering.  

Herbs grow quickly, while plants with roots, like carrots and beets, take longer to sprout.   

The distinctions are determined by how the process naturally develops.  

Anything artificial won't last long enough to realize its full potential. It would be sage to consider every possible relationship as a seed that requires care.   

While certain relationships might take root more slowly than others, like a beet or a carrot, others might grow as quickly as a herb.