There are indications that he is interested in marrying you.

Open Communication: Your partner openly discusses the future with you, including topics like marriage, children, and long-term goals, indicating they see you as a part of their future plans.  

Long-Term Planning: Your partner makes long-term plans with you, such as booking vacations, discussing career goals, or making joint commitments that extend beyond the present moment.  

Introducing You to Family and Friends: Your partner introduces you to their family and close friends and includes you in important family events and gatherings, demonstrating their commitment to integrating you into their social circle.  

Financial Planning: Your partner talks about financial planning and long-term investments with you, showing a willingness to build a stable and secure future together.  

Shared Living Space: Your partner expresses interest in living together or discusses the possibility of cohabitation, indicating a desire for increased commitment and partnership.  

Including You in Decision-Making: Your partner seeks your input and considers your opinions when making important decisions, demonstrating a sense of partnership and mutual respect in the relationship.  

Discussing Marriage Indirectly: Your partner may drop hints or make subtle references to marriage, such as discussing wedding plans, talking about married life, or joking about getting married in the future.  

Prioritizing Your Needs: Your partner consistently prioritizes your needs, happiness, and well-being, demonstrating a strong sense of care, support, and consideration for your feelings and desires.  

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