This Aries season, the luckiest signs of the zodiac

Because Mars is a fiery and combustible sign that represents boldness, bravery, and independence, 

Aries season (March 20–April 19) tends to bring in passion, teamwork, resolve, and a sense of community.

it can also indicate impulsivity, restlessness, and stubbornness. Mars oversees Aries and is associated with initiative, perseverance, and overcoming. 

 It is also the planet of leadership, sex drive, strength, ambition, and resolve. 

For you, this season is full of progress and good fortune. Debts are paid off as you receive gifts of cash, time, and resources.


Well-planted seeds are currently producing fruit. This season is meant to impart some knowledge on acting on impulse.


You gain self-mastery as something ends. Intermittent blessings and pauses will teach you patience and slowing down to appreciate the little things.


Aries season gives freedom. Release what no longer serves you; release all the unnecessary versions of your existence; silence the noise to observe what surrounds you and how it matters.


Security and money worries may have made you doubt yourself and your life. This is the season to channel Mars' energy and keep your promises.


You experience deep transformations this season. A big “aha!” moment makes you feel like you found the answers. Elephants in the room are addressed.